Improve Online Lead Generation for Accountancy [SLIDESHARE]

Improve Online Lead Generation for Accountancy [SLIDESHARE]

Luminate Digital detail how accountants can use content offers as part of their lead generation strategy

“How can I improve my online lead generation?” - this query is one of the first questions we are asked by accountants who are looking to grow their business.

As an accountant, you know that generating leads is a fundamental element to growing your accounting firm, but how can you keep a steady flow coming through those doors?

One solution: Provide your prospects with valuable content offers.

A content offer is designed to provide educational information regarding your industry and is something that your ideal clients find useful and interesting.The more valuable a content offer is to your potential clients, the more effective it is in generating leads for your accountancy firm.

Using inbound marketing know-how, you can create free downloadable content offers that help provide information for your firm in return - a new client’s details.

So just how do you create content offers that no one can resist and improve your online lead generation for your accounting firm at the same time?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our SlideShare on five essential steps to creating irresistible and high-value offers for your lead generation:


5 Online Lead Generation Tips for Accountancy from Luminate Digital


By integrating inbound marketing best practice such as content offers into your current marketing strategy, you’ll soon find that your lead generation will steadily improve and maintain a good flow of new accounting clients for your firm. So, to briefly review what was discussed in the above SlideShare, here are the five steps to creating irresistible content offers:

  1. Learn how to create content offers by understanding people’s behaviours and play on the element of scarcity and limitedness to bump up the perceived value of your offer. Utilising different content formats and catchy titles will also help in making your offer a “must have” asset.
  2. Make sure that your CTAs are visible, clear and stand out in ensuring that they drive people to downloading your content offer. You can also add your CTAs into your blogs to further promote.
  3. Use our best practice design tips in building the perfect landing page that includes all the right page elements, clickable headlines and shows the benefits of your content offer.
  4. Utilise our tips to building the right type of form that reflects the size and value of your offer such as the number of fields you include and making sure that buttons are clickable and obvious.
  5. Take advantage of the multitude of social channels out there in order to promote your offers. Aside from social media, you can also use accounting blogs and email newsletters to share information.

If you enjoyed our informative SlideShare about the benefits that content offers can have for your accounting lead generation, then download our free eBook ‘30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips’ below for even more examples and ideas you can implement.

You can also arrange a call with one of our experts to see how we can help with your accounting lead generation.

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