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How To Guide for Accounting Firm Social Media: 4 Helpful Tips

Cheryl Evans

  • 16 Feb

Finance, Social Media Marketing

Luminate Digital offers HubSpot-backed social media marketing for accounting

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way of life for all small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), including accounting firms.

Yet marketers and business owners may still need some convincing that the time invested in social media can generate returns for your accountancy business. More than half of all marketers (52%) told Adobe difficulties in accurately measuring social media ROI was their biggest source of frustration with the medium.

It’s clear that interaction, as it pertains to social media marketing for accountants, presents a great opportunity for firms to generate leads and customers. Yet optimising social media accounts isn’t easy.

If you’re struggling to climb aboard the social media marketing train, we’re here to show you the benefits of social media marketing for accountants. Think of it as 'social media help for accountants'. With statistics and know-how, here are four reasons accountancy social media marketing can help your lead generation and business growth take off.

1. Boost customer service

2. Find new customers

3. Attract new leads

4. Provide helpful content

#1. Accounting firm social media boosts customer service

We’re fast approaching an age where customers won’t recall the world in which social media wasn’t part of a corporate/SMB marketing strategy. This scenario is especially true with customer service issues or product feedback generation. The statistics back it up: over 2.5 billion comments are left on Facebook business pages every single month.

Brands that don’t optimise the appropriate social media platforms make life very hard on themselves. Increasingly, it closes off customers from contacting you, meaning you then need to invest in the staff within your business to answer customers' calls or respond to letters. The damage to your brand could be very costly.

The great news is that it is free and easy to interact with customers on social media. Research shows 71% of customers will recommend a brand who offered a quick response to their enquiries or support requests on social media. In an immediate feedback, responsive service culture, such figures are hard to ignore.

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#2. Accountants can quickly (and affordably) find new customers for further marketing

All social media platforms allow you to search within them for companies by industry, locality, and a host of other criteria. Despite not being the largest social network, 87% of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content

For accountancy firms hoping to reach SMBs, this statistic means that your future customers are online - and Twitter is a great platform to search for and connect with these potential customers.

How to Search for Customers

Different social media platforms have different ways of searching for customers. Twitter is one of the most intuitive allowing you to create and then click on hashtags (#) which will then sort other tweets by that hashtag. For more tips on using hashtags to find new customers and leads, read our article “Twitter for Accountants: How to Use Hashtags.”

Twitter also allows you to follow companies and then suggests other similar types of companies worth following. Once you have followed them they are more likely to follow you, especially if you post great content. Spending time each day on Twitter is a great way of building a list of prospects for further marketing.

LinkedIn works slightly differently and the free version is designed to only allow you to connect with companies you already know or have a previous relationship with. As HubSpot researchers have discovered, the best way to search for customers on LinkedIn is to join relevant groups and discussions online. Take a look at our guide to LinkedIn for further information

Once you have searched for and identified new potential customers a carefully planned marketing strategy is essential to attract, convert, and then close those leads.

Accountants take note: C-Level personnel widely prefer social media for talking business

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#3. You will attract new leads and customers for your accountancy business

Accounting firm marketing needs to align with sales, and social media holds the key to helping sales teams generate and close leads.

Business development personnel crave a meeting or conversation with corporate level (or C-Level for short) personnel. It rings true as a strategy: the decision makers that cut out the red tape of a sign-off are obvious, sensible targets. Good news: you’ve got a way in with social media.

More and more C-level executives do business via social media than any other seniority level customer-side. Almost two out every five respondents (39%) to the State of Inbound 2017 Survey indicated they preferred to communicate for business purposes via social. Compare that with the C-level, where social media has a greater use: 44% of CEOs and CMOs indicated they preferred these channels.

When you connect and forge your way into a C-Level meeting, the next step is to combine that with what a C-level executive needs to hear during a sales pitch. Some suggestions include:

  • Remember to Reintroduce Yourself
  • Adapt Your Rapport-Building Strategy
  • Focus On the Bottom Line

How about that? Social media can bridge the gap between lead and customer for accountancy service providers.

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#4. Give the people you target what they want

You know the old breakup line, “It’s not you; it’s me?”. When you encounter an unfollow on social media, it’s the other way around. That’s why curation of content is so important.

One thing to remember about effective accountancy social media marketing is that it must create a desire within your target audience to engage with you. Social media platforms fail you when you endlessly promote your business or service: it’s ineffective because it makes the conversation all about you and what you’re up to, not the audience and their needs.

You need to provide useful, relevant content that will be of interest to your ideal customer. Curation of non-original content within your industry (think trade publications, trade organisations) is what makes your account a must-follow and seeds a visitor on a buyer’s journey.

We like to practice what we preach, so jump onto social media and follow Luminate Digital for useful and relevant content designed to help your business grow.

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Accountants: Be More Social

These are just four out of a huge number of benefits of using social media as an accountancy. We hope this has inspired you to become a social media user, and further investigate ways in which a fully-optimised social media profile is an investment that delivers great ROI and discernible long-term benefits.

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