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Social Media Marketing (Beyond LinkedIn) that Works for Recruiters

Cheryl Evans

  • 03 Oct

Recruitment, Social Media Marketing

 Some social media tips for recruiters.

LinkedIn has long been considered the Holy Grail for recruitment consultants, and the place to be for the industry in general. It serves to connect people with similar interests, goals, and passions whilst featuring job opportunities for those on the lookout.

It has been without a doubt one of the most disruptive things to happen to recruitment, and it is one of the very few social media platforms immediately relevant to recruitment.

So, LinkedIn? The recruitment industry is more than familiar with the platform. As for others, however, there is still some room for improvement.

With that in mind, here are a few social media strategies beyond just LinkedIn that recruitment consultants can effectively employ.


Twitter’s 140-character limit seems limiting at first (or, if you're fortunate enough, 280 characters), but that’s just half the challenge. The limit allows users to boil their message down to the absolute essentials, resulting in clear, and direct social messaging.

This works in recruitment’s favour. You can create concise pitches to potential candidates and companies, and be receptive to feedback. This is not a platform where you can splurge content and fritter away valuable character space with overlong messaging.

It’s direct and great for connecting with your desired demographic. As opposed to LinkedIn, which is broad in the sense that it’s a platform for entry-level and above, Twitter allows you to hone in on target audiences and thus streamline your search.

Did we mention hashtags? Something that sets Twitter apart is its hashtags. They’re incredibly useful for recruiters and marketing in general. With hashtags, you can start a debate and engage targeted members of your demographic.

Furthermore, you can make it local. By hashtagging your location, you can target a certain area of the UK and really make it specific.

Exposure is the name of Twitter’s game, and if played right it can mean exponential growth for recruitment agencies in the UK.


A household name in the social media world and the first ever platform for many, Facebook shouldn’t be underestimated - it holds lots of influence for the recruitment industry.

For example, a recent survey revealed that 81% of jobseekers want to see job opportunities posted to Facebook career pages.

When you consider that 84% of job seekers have a Facebook profile, the platform begins to be a must-have for recruiters. It spans a whole age range, across multiple sectors and skillsets and allows us to share content to relevant audiences.

Recruitment agencies can also use Facebook to learn more about candidates, and gain insight into the kinds of content they share, like, and appreciate.

Using this insight, agencies can then get inspiration from that content, creating similar pieces to attract their target audience.

This kind of intel can mean the difference between a successful social marketing campaign and...well, a flop.


With one billion unique users every month, you’d place a fair bet that some of them are in a job search. With video content creating such a storm in digital marketing, you’ll want to ensure your agency cuts itself a slice of the pie.

You can create engaging content for various purposes. To create brand awareness for your agency, you could do a ‘meet the team’ video, or perhaps some ‘day in the life’ content.

To attract candidates? The options are endless - from tutorial videos to Q&As. Job postings on YouTube can offer exciting content that’s a little different than the written stuff.


It has been proven that, a year after downloading WhatsApp 62% of users are still active on the platform. If that’s not brand loyalty, we don’t know what is. The WhatsApp community continues to thrive.

By far, it’s one of the most popular direct messaging apps around today.

What recruiters can do with WhatsApp is create WhatsApp groups where they can market out relevant jobs to members of that group...and wait for their response.

It’s direct and allows you to organise and segment candidates by profession, location, and seniority.

Like LinkedIn, WhatsApp also lets you see whether or not your message has been read. This means you have an instant indication as to whether or not your prospects are interested. If you’ve been left on ‘Read’, you’ll know you can move on.


For agencies looking to target a somewhat younger, perhaps millennial audience, Instagram is perfect. With 90% of Instagram users under 35, it poses a great opportunity to reach out for a younger demographic.

Image-based content holds similar potential to that of video - you can use it for a wide range of insights, from staff images to inspirational quotes.

The app can also be used to give users a taste of the agency as a whole, exposing themselves further to a waiting audience.

Since images don’t have to necessarily be linked to the content of a particular post, there are no limits to the kinds of things you can post. Think about promotions, job vacancies, and industry developments. All are fair game where Instagram is concerned.

To summarise, if you’re looking to engage a younger audience then Instagram is your answer.

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