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21 Sep

We Are Gold! | Luminate Digital

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve reached Gold Tier status as a HubSpot Agency Partner!

Anthony Hamilton

12 Sep
7 Recruitment Industry Trends for 2018 Hero & Thumbnail

17 Recruitment Industry Trends for 2018/19 [UPDATED] | Luminate Digital

The recruitment industry is bigger than ever, worth over £35 billion to the UK economy. So, the industry knows a thing or two about adapting, managing to thrive and grow when many other parts of the UK economy are struggling. However, technology is disrupting the recruitment world, so to maintain growth, the recruitment industry needs to be constantly looking ahead.  From AI to Email we’ve compiled our top 10 recruitment industry trends that all recruiters should be aware of. 

Alexander Costello

24 Aug
Put Some New Images in Your Old Content

How to Maximise Your Conversion Rates with Calls-to-Action | Luminate Digital

Introduction Wondering why you’re not getting the leads you want? Why visitors aren’t downloading that eBook offer? Or subscribing to your newsletter?

Anthony Hamilton

24 Aug

13 SEO Copywriting Best Practices For Writing Killer Blog Introductions | Luminate Digital

Want to rank more highly on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) so you can increase your number of visitors and generate more leads?

Anthony Hamilton

15 Aug

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing 2018 Statistics | Luminate Digital

Want the very latest inbound marketing statistics? Considering switching from the old outbound way of marketing but unsure of the benefits inbound brings?

Anthony Hamilton

15 Aug
GDPR Legal Marketers Banner.png

A Quick Summary of GDPR for Legal Marketers | Luminate Digital

Tim Ince

06 Aug

GDPR Checklist: Is Your Business Compliant? | Luminate Digital

With the GDPR deadline a distant memory, if you’ve not yet thought about how you can be compliant, now is the time. If you aren’t already compliant, you’ve missed the deadline and are at serious risk of incurring a fine from the ICO. Since the deadline was back in May 2018, there is real urgency for businesses to get compliant immediately. To get started, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of what GDPR is and what it means for your business. Here’s a checklist of everything you need to tick off to get GDPR compliant:

Tim Ince

06 Aug

GDPR for Business: Here's Everything You Need to Know in 3 Minutes | Luminate Digital

We know you need to make the most of your time, and that data protection compliance for businesses is a complicated matter. That’s what makes the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) seem so daunting.

Cheryl Evans

03 Aug
Brainstorm Pillar Keywords

7 Winning Long Tail Keyword Research Steps to Drive Website Traffic | Luminate Digital

Introduction If you’re someone who monitors your website’s performance carefully and wonders why your great content can’t be found on Page 1 of Google’s search results pages (SERP), you’re not alone.

Anthony Hamilton

25 Jul
GDPR & B2B Banner.png

GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing

GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, came into effect on May 25th 2018, and affects businesses across the UK and the world. Companies that store and process the personal data of any EU citizen must now become GDPR compliant or face a fine of 4% of their annual turnover or €20 million—whichever is higher. 

Cheryl Evans

25 Jul

GDPR & Marketing Consent: No Means No | Luminate Digital

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made waves across numerous sectors, and its vibrations will continue to echo around the offices and breakrooms of marketing agencies across the UK. 

Anthony Hamilton

11 Jul
Repurposing Your Content in 13 Simple Steps Hero & Thumbnail

Repurposing Your Content in 13 Simple Steps | Luminate Digital

Creating new content is vital for attracting visitors to your site, but it takes a lot of time and effort. So, why not make a few tweaks to your existing content and use that instead?

Sam Rossiter

10 Jul

9 Awesome Inbound Marketing Methods to Grow Your Accountancy Business | Luminate Digital

Do you struggle when it comes to finding new ways to grow your accountancy business?

Sam Rossiter

10 Jul
GDPR for Recruitment Agencies Hero & Thumbnail

GDPR for Business: GDPR Compliance in the Recruitment Industry | Luminate Digital

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 and affects how companies across the world process and store the data of EU residents. The recruitment sector is reliant on data—both business and consumer—so it’s vital that all recruitment agencies are GDPR compliant. Companies who are non-compliant can be charged 4% of their global turnover or €20 million—whichever is higher.

Sam Rossiter

09 Jul

GDPR: What You Need To Know About Marketing Opt-In | Luminate Digital

The GDPR deadline has long since passed and businesses need to now be reviewing their data collection, handling and processing to ensure they’re keeping on top of the new compliance regulations. 

Anthony Hamilton

09 Jul
29 Important Steps to Backlink Builder Success with HARO Hero & Thumbnail

29 Important Steps to Backlink Builder Success with Haro | Luminate Digital

Backlink building is one of the most effective marketing methods you can use to help push your website to the top of Google’s rankings. 

Anthony Hamilton

06 Jul

GDPR for Business: Is GDPR the End of Outbound Marketing? | Luminate Digital

Inbound marketing has been nipping at the heels of outbound marketing's interruptive tactics for years. In so many tangible ways, inbound has already surpassed it: for cost, reliability and, most importantly, brand trust.

Anthony Hamilton

06 Jul
How to Be GDPR Compliant Hero & Thumbnail

GDPR for Business: How You Can Be Compliant | Luminate Digital

With the deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) well behind us, UK businesses need to know how to be compliant, and fast!

Anthony Hamilton

05 Jul

GDPR for Business: What is GDPR and How Does it Impact You? | Luminate Digital

What would you do with 20 million Euros? How about 4% of your annual turnover?

Cheryl Evans

04 Jul
An Introduction to Growth-Driven Design Hero & Thumbnail

The Ultimate Website Marketing Technique: An Introduction to Growth-Driven Design | Luminate Digital

The verdict is in: Websites matter. A website is a company’s number one marketing and sales tool that works on a continuous 24/7 basis.

Anthony Hamilton

04 Jul
How to Reduce Bounce Rate With Google Analytics Hero & Thumbnail

How to Reduce Bounce Rate With Google Analytics in 15 Steps | Luminate Digital

What if I told you I could increase your dwell time and slash your bounce rate with a few simple industry tricks?

Sam Rossiter

03 Jul
Building a Website  - Seo Health Check 3 Issue You Can Fix Easily

SEO Health Check: 3 Issues You Can Easily Fix | Luminate Digital

Bad on-site and off-site SEO can have both a negative impact on your search visibility and user experience. However, some really quick fixes could be the answer to your woes.

Sam Rossiter

02 Jul
15 Expert Backlink Building Strategies Hero & Thumbnail

15 Expert Backlink Building Strategies To Get Your Blog Ranking #1 | Luminate Digital

What if I told you I could get your site to the very top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP)?

Sam Rossiter

29 Jun
Web developers trying to gain backlinks: What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO? | Luminate Digital

You may be asking: what are backlinks? How do they help with my Google search engine results page (SERP) ranking? Should I even care? The answer is Yes .

Sam Rossiter

21 Jun

Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Your Website | Luminate Digital

Are you struggling to attract visitors to your website and generate leads? You are not alone. According to the latest State of Inbound Report from HubSpot:

Anthony Hamilton

18 Jun

Master Your Target Audience Profile in 3 Steps [SLIDESHARE] | Luminate Digital

Every marketer worth their salt wants to know their target audience profile like the back of their hand. Combining intuition with data-backed understanding ensures your online content is relevant and meets the needs of your clients entirely.

Anthony Hamilton

18 Jun

5 Tips for Creating the Best Accounting Website Design | Luminate Digital

Looking for tips on how to improve your website and grow your accountancy business?

Alice Gregory

15 Jun
9 Ultimate Title Tag Best Practices To Skyrocket Your SEO Ranking Hero & Thumbnail

9 Ultimate Title Tag Best Practices to Skyrocket Your SEO Ranking | Luminate Digital

You’ve spent a mammoth amount of time on your blog post: researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and you’re proud of the content you’ve created. Now you’re ready to post, sit back, and watch the visitors roll in.

Sam Rossiter

14 Jun

9 Free Essentials of Marketing for Accountants | Luminate Digital

Marketing for accountants is fundamental for attracting new customers and retaining the customers you already have.

Anthony Hamilton

13 Jun
21 Proven Ways Web Marketing Effort is Analysed When You Outsource Hero & Thumbnail

21 Proven Ways Web Marketing Effort is Analysed When You Outsource

Running your own marketing, it’s difficult to know just how effective your efforts are. But many other businesses struggle with this too.

Sam Rossiter

12 Jun
The Ultimate Persuasive Communication Technique to Improve Your Marketing Hero & Thumbnail

The Ultimate Persuasive Communication Technique to Improve Your Marketing | Luminate Digital

Communication is a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether you’re debating with friends over where to go for dinner, training a colleague or simply sharing a social media update, the way in which you communicate with others can set you up for success or failure. 

Anthony Hamilton

11 Jun

Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation for Accountants in 2018 | Luminate Digital

Every accountancy firm wants to grow. To do that with any business (like yours), growth means a commitment to lead generation. When it comes to lead generation for accountants, let’s be real - it’s a difficult task that you may think you don't have much time for. 

Anthony Hamilton

11 Jun
7 Key Reasons Outbound Marketing Channels No Longer Work Hero & Thumbnail

7 Key Reasons Outbound Marketing Channels No Longer Work

Are you unsure if your outbound marketing works with a modern audience? Are your leads becoming more difficult and costly to acquire?

Sam Rossiter

08 Jun
5 Key Marketing Spend Benchmarks to Use in Your Business Hero & Thumbnail

5 Key Marketing Spend Benchmarks to Use in Your Business

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that one of the hardest parts of running a business is knowing how much of your budget you should allocate to marketing.

Sam Rossiter

23 May
women sitting at a beautifully decorated table working on their marketing efforts and creating website content - 5 reasons why you should be creating content

5 Reasons Not to Underestimate the Importance of Content Marketing | Luminate Digital

Many businesses don’t blog because they lack the time, the budget, or the understanding to create content; but content marketing is an untapped, powerful business tool.  

Cheryl Evans

18 May
How to Make a Flawless Content Calendar Hero & Thumbnail

How to Make a Content Calendar the Inbound Way | Luminate Digital

Every great marketer knows that content is crucial to engaging your audience and growing your brand recognition. The better your content, the more your customers will want to hear from you. So when it comes to really valuable marketing, behind every great piece of writing, video footage, social media post or email, there is a flawless content calendar.

Tim Ince

16 May
4 Free SEO Checker Tools Your Business Should Be Using Hero & Thumbnail

4 Free SEO Checker Tools You Should Be Using | Luminate Digital

To make the most of search engine optimisation (SEO), you need the latest tools to track your presence online and find new ways to grow your business’s profile.

Tim Ince

14 May
5 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Business Generate Leads Hero & Thumbnail

5 Techniques Inbound Marketing Uses For Lead Generation | Luminate Digital

If you’ve spent five minutes online Googling how to grow your business, chances are you’ve seen the term ‘lead generation’ bandied around without much explanation.

Tim Ince

11 May
4 Ways to Incorporate Video Content into Your Marketing Strategy Hero & Thumbnail

4 Key Video Content Strategy Tips to Improve Your Marketing | Luminate Digital

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And since a 2-minute video is made up of around 3,600 still images (or frames), some basic maths will tell you that a video is worth 3,600,000 words. That’s more than three times all the Harry Potter books put together.

Tim Ince

09 May
Why Reviews Are a Crucial Component for Local SEO Success Hero & Thumbnail

Why SEO Company Reviews Are a Crucial Component of Business Success | Luminate Digital

Picture yourself in a new city, without a map or anyone to show you around, and you want a coffee. What do you do?

Tim Ince

07 May
Creating Brand Promoters How to Embrace Word of Mouth Marketing Hero & Thumbnail

How to Do Word of Mouth Marketing By Creating Brand Promoters | Luminate Digital

In modern business, is it enough to only find new clients? No, this isn’t a trick question.

Tim Ince

04 May
On-Site SEO 4 Easy Wins Hero & Thumbnail

4 Easy On Site SEO Wins to Start Using Today | Luminate Digital

Google receives over 57,000 searches per second on any given day, so it’s fair to say that making sure your business stands out from the crowd is crucial to success.

Tim Ince

30 Apr
SEO & Content Marketing How to Ensure Your Writing Stands Out Hero & Thumbnail

SEO and Content Marketing: How to Ensure Your Writing Stands Out

Try to Google the role of search-engine optimisation (SEO) in content marketing and pretty soon you can find yourself falling down the rabbit-hole of algorithms, search volume, and competitiveness.

Tim Ince

27 Apr
How to Build Brand Awareness Online The Inbound Marketing Way Hero & Thumbnail

How to Build Brand Awareness Online: The Inbound Marketing Way

Every business wants to grow their customer base and revenue. The strategy for this is often built around the promotion of core products or services, but what many companies forget is that before you sell your product, you have to sell your brand.

Tim Ince

24 Apr
Why GDPR Doesn't Spell the End to Recruitment Firms HERO AND THUMBNAIL

Why GDPR Doesn’t Spell the End of Recruitment Firms

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is on the horizon and set to redefine how businesses store and use data collected from EU citizens. This will effect no industry more than recruitment, and understandably, many firms view GDPR with a sense of unease.

Tim Ince

12 Apr
The 4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing HERO AND THUMBNAIL

The 4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing | Luminate Digital Manchester

So, you want to learn a little more about inbound marketing?

Tim Ince

02 Apr
Two men battling - just like the battle of HubSpot vs WordPress - choosing your inbound marketing software

HubSpot vs Wordpress: Choosing Your Inbound Marketing Software

We are a HubSpot agency, but you can’t ignore the fact that 74.6 million websites use WordPress, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Cheryl Evans

12 Mar
workers at a small agency around a table with notepads, computers, and drinks, coffee, iced tea - reasons to choose a small manchester agency for your marketing

5 Reasons to Choose a Small Agency for Your Marketing

In the world of marketing, bigger is not always better. You may have decided to outsource your marketing, but what type of agency should you choose? At Luminate we often get asked “why should I choose a smaller agency over a larger one?”. So, we have chosen our top reasons why.

Cheryl Evans

09 Mar
dart board with dart - 4 rules to set when outsourcing your content marketing

4 Rules to Set When Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Once you’ve made the decision to outsource your content marketing efforts, it’s helpful to know how to begin your relationship with your marketing agency and secure the best contract for your business.

Cheryl Evans

07 Mar
desk with imperial typewriter - why outsourcing your content marketing is cost-effective

Why Outsourcing Your Content Marketing is Cost-Effective

An excellent content marketing strategy works like a Rolex watch. It’s difficult to create, but – if you get it right – the finished article will not only look stunning, but it will also work perfectly for years to come.

Cheryl Evans

02 Mar
red phone  on white background - gdpr and database decay advice don't make these costsly mistakes

GDPR and Database Decay Advice: Don't Make These Costly Mistakes

When GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018, many businesses will find that their existing database will be effectively wiped out if they don’t implement a strategic opt-in method.

Nick Taylor

01 Mar
Woman sitting on the grass writing in a notebook - Why to Repurpose Your Content

Marketing Spring Clean: Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

There's no denying that creating brilliant content takes time, money, and resources. So, how do you implement a content strategy that keeps your marketing fresh and regular?

Cheryl Evans

28 Feb
Content marketer (who doesn't use HubSpot) writing a blog for their company: 10 TYPES OF CONTENT YOUR BUSINESS COULD CREATE TO DRIVE RESULTS

10 Types of Content Your Business Could Create to Drive Results

Studies show customers will read 3 to 5 pieces of content before making a purchase, which is why providing helpful and valuable content on your website is a must.

Cheryl Evans

26 Feb
Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing HERO AND THUMBNAIL

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Once upon a time, marketers favoured the outbound methodology. Outbound marketing involves putting your brand out there, whether your audience requests it or not.

Cheryl Evans

21 Feb
Lawyer talking with client - 5 questions to ask about your clients' data - GDPR consent

Law Firms: 5 Questions to Ask About Your Clients' Data

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is reshaping how all businesses across the European Union gather, store and use people’s data to market themselves.

Tim Ince

15 Feb
creative man at a computer with phone, pencils, magazines, headphones for inspiration - how to make a winning content strategy for your business

How to Make a Winning Content Strategy for Your Business

Modern marketing is changing for the better. The days of cold-calling customers in the hope that you find someone ready to purchase are long behind us. Now, people want to engage with a business that recognises their needs and cares about solving them.

Tim Ince

09 Feb
5 Ways GDPR Can Actually Benefit Businesses HERO AND THUMBNAIL

5 Ways GDPR Principles Can Actually Benefit Businesses

You’ve probably already heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and how it is going to impact UK businesses and their marketing strategies from 25th May 2018. I’m sure you’ve also been hearing about increased fines and stricter laws. Pretty scary, right?

Tim Ince

29 Jan
How to Successfully Market Your Business After the GDPR Changes HERO AND THUMBNAIL

How to Successfully Market Your Business After the GDPR Changes

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” It’s not every day we start a blog with a quote from Marilyn Monroe, but we think this little pearl of wisdom sums up our feelings on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) quite nicely. As with any new business-focused law, the run-up to GDPR’s first day on 25th May 2018 is causing murmurs of discontent in marketing departments across the country.

Tim Ince

25 Jan
Is Your Business Making These 7 Cyber Security Mistakes HERO AND THUMBNAIL

Is Your Business Making These 7 Cyber Security Mistakes?

Cyber security is big business. In 2004, the industry was worth $3.5 billion (£2.34bn) but by 2020, that worth is set to rise to more than $170 billion (£123.19bn). Now, legislation is beginning to take notice of the importance of cyber security and, as such, is laying a greater responsibility on businesses to keep their customers’ data safe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest law to do this and is redefining how data is gathered, managed and used across Europe.

Tim Ince

22 Jan
Marketing Trends for 2018 in the Professional Services Sector HERO AND THUMBNAIL

Marketing Trends for 2018 in the Professional Services Sector

It’s a new year and you’re researching marketing trends to kick off 2018, but launching a Snapchat channel, getting influencers to support your brand, and targeting the new Generation Z aren’t necessarily the right priorities for your business. Whilst these trends are new and exciting, they won’t drive the best results across professional services businesses. So, what will work?

Cheryl Evans

16 Jan
Why GDPR Isn't the End of Email Marketing Hero

Why GDPR Isn’t the End of Email Marketing: Smart Ways to Adapt

Email is the bread and butter of every marketing strategy. It provides the basis for you to advertise your brand and services, interact with leads and customers,and share information. Thought email was dying out though? Email is only going to get bigger – in fact 75% of marketers say they use email marketing more now than they did three years ago.

Tim Ince

15 Jan
Client Profiles for Law Firms Hero

Client Profiles for Law Firms: What You Need to Include

Have you ever read a content piece that was intended to target solicitors but didn’t quite get the hypotheticals right? You may have been left scratching your head thinking, that situation only ever happens in textbooks – or not at all! One explanation for this scenario is that the author has not nailed their customer profiles.

Cheryl Evans

12 Jan
How to Make a Customer Profile for Recruitment Target Ideal Candidates HERO AND THUMBNAIL

How to Make a Customer Profile for Recruitment: Target Ideal Candidates

The best recruitment firms realise that “candidates are like consumers” and with 80% of the buying process happening without any direct-to-human interaction, candidates make judgments about your company and your branding before they speak with you.

Cheryl Evans

11 Jan
Best Practices When Building Client Profiles Facebook-351964-edited

5 Best Practices When Building Client Profiles

You may have heard the terms ‘client profiles,’ ‘customer profiles,’ or ‘buyer personas’ brandished around and understand that they have something to do with marketing. These essentially all boil down to the same thing: your ideal customer.

Cheryl Evans

04 Jan
Here all the marketing and sales statistics you need.

Marketing and Sales Statistics: Everything You Need to Know

The numbers never lie – we know by now that in digital marketing, statistics speak volumes. They persuade your client to come onboard, attract prospects into your buying funnel, and add a little extra authority to your content. With that in mind, we’ve collated a few statistics to shine a little light on the benefits of sales and marketing working productively together.

Cheryl Evans

18 Dec
Inbound Marketing and Sales Can They Really Work Together Crop.png

Inbound Marketing and Sales: Can They Really Work Together?

You may have heard that sales and marketing departments do not work so well together. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s been proven that businesses are 67% more effective at closing deals when they align their sales and marketing departments. You may be in the know about inbound marketing, but are you aware of the role sales plays? If not then this is the blog post for you. Here, we lay out the ways in which sales contributes to inbound marketing.

Cheryl Evans

14 Dec
Luminate Digital Manchester Agency reveal the skills you need to work in Content.

Love Content? Discover What it Takes to Become a Great Content Writer

Are people constantly telling you how good a writer you are? Can you unravel an anagram at the drop of a hat, or pen a verse worthy of your favourite wordsmith?

Cheryl Evans

11 Dec

GDPR and the Right to be Forgotten: What it Means

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it could mean for your business, we don’t blame you. There’s a lot to cover. Our GDPR series is sure to help. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at GDPR and the right to be forgotten.

Cheryl Evans

13 Nov

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation, otherwise known as CRO, has gathered some momentum in digital circles and is now a certified metric within most campaigns.

Nick Taylor

08 Nov

Inbound Marketing Tips for Startups

Setting out on a new business enterprise can be exhilarating, nerve-wracking and the most exciting thing you’re likely to do.

Cheryl Evans

31 Oct

Benefits of SMART Objectives in Marketing

Everyone needs a plan, but not everyone has one. Some businesses operate according to each and every whim, while others do so at the bequest only the best research and intelligence.

Nick Taylor

30 Oct

Ghoulish Goals, Creepy K.P.I.s and Devilish Data

Want to hear a ghost story? Of course you do.

Nick Taylor

27 Oct

Here's Why GDPR Will Affect Your Email Marketing

As the GDPR clock continues to tick, businesses looking for advice on GDPR have significantly increased. After all, no one wants to be hit with a hefty fine once the deadline rolls around and they've been found to be non-compliant with the new laws.

Cheryl Evans

24 Oct

Inbound Marketing Tips That Will Impress Your Boss

You may already be doing inbound marketing at your company, or perhaps your boss doesn’t quite see the value behind it. In any case, inbound marketing is more than valuable for any business looking to improve their prospects online.

Cheryl Evans

23 Oct
Luminate Digital share the do’s and don’ts of email marketing for professional services to ensure success

Essential Do's & Don'ts of Email Marketing for Professionals

Email marketing is still going strong in 2018. In our previous blog, ‘The State of Email Marketing Trends 2017’, we noted that 86% of businesses prefer email as the number one option for sending communications. On top of that, email is lauded as the top channel by at least 73% of people for being able to measure return on investment, overtaking contenders such as websites, social media and SEO.

Tim Ince

20 Oct

Long-tail Keyword Research for Financial Advisors

Google are forever changing the way we do SEO, moving the goalposts with further disruptive technology to keep us on our feet. We adapt to everything they throw at us, keeping an ear close to the Google-ground. 

Nick Taylor

19 Oct
Smarketing sales marketing BANNER.png

SMARKETING: What a Good Sales & Marketing Relationship Looks Like

As star-crossed lovers go, many think that sales and marketing are the most doomed of all. They are two completely different beasts; they think differently, hunt differently and, all in all, don't work too well together.

Cheryl Evans

18 Oct
Luminate Digital help explain how businesses can utilise big data and help implement it with inbound marketing successfully

The Secret to Using Big Data with Inbound Marketing

2017. It’s truly the age of innovation - from driverless cars and artificial intelligence to robots on Mars and even self-lacing trainers (we definitely want a pair of those!). And big data is behind them all.

Tim Ince

12 Oct
White Hat Black Hat SEO Banner.png

What is the Difference Between White Hat & Black Hat SEO

The world of SEO has undergone many facelifts in its time, going from the keyword-cramming days of old to what we have today: the sophisticated, tech-savvy optimisation techniques that see businesses climb to the top of search engines.

Cheryl Evans

10 Oct
Digital Marketing Professional Services Banner.png

Why Digital Marketing Spells Success for Professional Services

2017 is part of the era of digitalisation and it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to jump on board, or risk being stranded on ‘Offline Island’.

Tim Ince

10 Oct
Accountants need to know how to write a winning sales proposal that impresses and gets a response

Accountants: Here's How You Can Write a Killer Sales Proposal

You’ve had your initial meeting and now your potential client has requested a proposal from your accounting firm. It’s exciting stuff because you know that your firm is perfect for the job at hand - you just need to show that.

Tim Ince

09 Oct
Explore the latest email marketing trends for 2018 and beyond

The State of Email Marketing Trends 2017

In the rising age of chatbots, AI and other technological advances, email marketing is still holding steadfast. 86% of professionals still prefer to use email as the number one platform for business purposes. And what of the future? According to HubSpot, email usage will only set to increase over 3 billion by 2020.

Tim Ince

06 Oct
Here’s why SEO matters for the financial sector.

Why SEO Matters for Finance Firms

Most business owners know, or are at the very least aware of, search engine optimisation and the merits it can bring. Many industries have benefitted from its practices, and many more will continue to boost their rankings and put themselves in front of their target audience.

Cheryl Evans

06 Oct
SEO Lead Generation Banner.png

SEO Actions that Generate Leads for Financial Advisors | Luminate Digital

There are many ways that financial services firms can get noticed. Between SEO, link building, and the rest there are myriad ways to stand out from the competition. One of the best, however, is SEO. Improving visibility and putting yourself right before your audience has huge benefits, and has demonstrably shown exponential growth for businesses big and small. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few expert SEO tips that are proven to boost your visibility and get you found. Here they are.

Cheryl Evans

06 Oct
Digital Marketing Agency Manchester Banner.png

Why We Love Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester

There are some that call Manchester the “poor man’s London”, but it’s because they just don’t know the magic that is Manchester. From the stretches of Deansgate and the Castlefield locks to the endless hipster brunch eateries of the Northern Quarter and the bustle of Piccadilly Gardens and beyond - Manchester is where we call home.

Tim Ince

03 Oct
Blockchain Technology Banner.png

Blockchain: What it Means for Accountants

So you might have heard about the mysterious "blockchain" (or maybe you haven't) and thought to yourself, "what the heck is blockchain?". Granted, the very notion of blockchain sounds quite technical, but we're here to break it down, as it has a strong impact on the future of financial and accounting industries, amongst others.

Tim Ince

03 Oct

What a Recruitment Agency's Perfect Job Candidate Would Look Like

Far from telling recruitment agencies how to do their job, we thought we’d give a little insight from the marketing side.

Cheryl Evans

03 Oct

10 Steps to Building an Outstanding Recruiter-Candidate Relationship

Maintaining a quality recruiter-candidate relationship shouldn't be described as a best practice, but instead, as a necessity.

Alexander Costello

02 Oct

Ebook: Why Candidates Aren't Opening Your Emails

The recruitment industry is one of the biggest players in the UK economy, and is worth around £35 billion. But in terms of email marketing, there is room for improvement.

Alice Gregory

22 min read

28 Sep
Luminate Digital explain why professional services marketers needs to adopt inbound marketing for their business

How a Disconnected Marketing Strategy Can Fail

In this blog, we'll be talking about how inbound marketing can be a breath of fresh air for your business and how you can create a connected marketing strategy that really works for the long-term.

Tim Ince

18 Sep
Here’s why financial advisors should consider the possibilities in youth marketing.

"The Kids are Alright" - Youth Marketing for Financial Advisors

As a financial advisor, it is safe to say that your target audience includes some of the following; family businesses, business owners, couples (known as DINKs, for double income, no kids), established professionals and entrepreneurs.

Cheryl Evans

02 Aug

Ebook: Inbound Marketing Statistics 2017

This informated and insightful report covers everything from marketing and sales challenges to a look to future trends in marketing.

Cheryl Evans

30 min read

10 Jul

What Is Growth-Driven Design: A Guide

A free eBook for Professional Services firms on the benefits of Growth-Driven Design (GDD)

Peter Ward

19 min read

03 Jul

Ebook: The Future of Digital Marketing: Keep Ahead of the Curve

Our free eBook shows you five marketing and design trends of tomorrow and how to get them today

Cheryl Evans

25 min read

13 Mar

Smart Marketing Goals Template

Our SMART Marketing Objectives Template takes the guesswork out of goal setting. Simply enter some overall goals and some current website visitor figures and the tool which automatically suggest SMART goals in marketing for you to use.

Peter Ward

5 min read

08 Mar

Ebook: How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

As one of the three most popular social media platforms, and number one for professional networking, now’s the time to make the most of your LinkedIn account. For both yourself and your company.

Cheryl Evans

13 min read

06 Mar

Inbound Marketing Evaluation Template

Use our free Marketing Evaluation Template to assess your marketing efforts and learn how you can improve.

Tim Ince

5 min read

06 Mar

Ebook: 7 Secrets of a Great Homepage

We know how challenging it can be for businesses to keep up with website design trends which enable you to stay ahead of your competition. This free guide will help you combat this challenge by sharing insider tips and examples of elements that make a great homepage, so you can build an online presence.

Tim Ince

17 min read

06 Mar

Customer Profile Template for Inbound Marketing

Use the customer profile template to build trust, increase revenue, and ensure lead retention for the future.

Tim Ince

7 min read

06 Mar

Ebook: The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips

To help your business, we’ve created this expert guide to show you the power of Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation. Our 30 insider tips put your professional services business in a better position to attract, convert and close new customers.

Cheryl Evans

30 min read

03 Mar

Ebook: 5 Ways of Using Inbound to Grow Your Business

Download '5 Ways You Can Grow Your Business' the free eBook for business owners in the professional services sector. Learn about what goes on behind the scenes and how you can optimise your business growth in all the best ways!

Cheryl Evans

22 min read

23 Feb

Ebook: Inbound Marketing Statistics 2016

What's so good about a report and a bunch of numbers anyway? Well, our inbound marketing statistics reports are designed to give you, the professional services marketer, a revealing insight into the world of inbound makreting and how it contrasts with dated outbound methods.

Cheryl Evans

40 min read