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How Inbound Marketing Works

Luminate’s experts recognise that professional firms are now in the post-Cold Calling era. The fact is, traditional, outbound forms of marketing have lost their overall effectiveness in an uncompromisingly digital world

The new mode of operation? Today, it’s all about adding value to your customers, ensuring your services are front and centre in their minds when they need it. Your marketing needs to offer a dialogue that promotes trust and addresses the customer according to where they are in the customer journey.

A whistle-stop tour through the customer journey:

Luminate Digital guide you through the buyer's journey, from awareness through consideration to decision.

What Luminate Digital do is provide a results-driven approach for lead nurturing and generation suitable for all professional sectors.

Inbound is the optimum process to convert strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters of your brand. This is how Inbound Marketing works. Don’t take our word for it though - here’s the numbers to back it up.

HubSpot offers fully integrated CRM, Marketing and Sales software

Only one in 5 salespeople are confident
in their CRM software's integration capabilities with marketing.

Luminate’s shows How Inbound Marketing Works using HubSpot-fueled approach emphasises lead generation through

Nearly half (45%) of all companies are currently using some form of CRM to
store their lead data.

Luminate Digital in Manchester can help companies to close more deals

Seven out of 10 companies say that
closing more deals is their top priority going forward.

Here's how Inbound Marketing from Luminate Digital works for professional services: we reduce cost per lead

The average cost per lead falls 80% after just five months of employing a consistent Inbound Marketing strategy.

In addition to increasing visitors, leads and customers, inbound marketing also strengthens your bottom line. Statistics show that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.


Here's How Inbound Marketing Can Work For You

As a HubSpot Certified Partner, Luminate Digital helps professional businesses unlock their full growth potential whilst delivering ROI. The HubSpot sales, marketing and CRM software powers business growth through combining the power of technology with a proven inbound methodology.

HubSpot Inc CRM
Manage Your Pipeline

Just connect with Gmail or Outlook, and the CRM system allows you to smoothly send emails, book meetings, place calls, and log activity automatically as it happens.

Inbound Marketing Works

Seamlessly connect your sales, web design and marketing tools with Luminate. You’ll gain incredible insight into each customer and comprehensive control over your whole funnel.

HubSpot Inc SALES
Close Deals Efficiently

Sync with HubSpot Marketing and understand the full sales & marketing picture. You'll realise where customers are in the buyer's journey and streamline productivity.

Here's What Inbound Marketing Can Do For You 

Luminate Digital creates exceptional websites and builds inbound marketing strategies to help professional advisers generate new clients and grow their business. Behind a focused inbound digital marketing strategy, we help you deliver ROI and brand interest that aligns with your business objectives.

Web & Landing Pages

Luminate provides responsive, SEO, and fully integrated websites satisfying a better user experience. You’ll benefit from designs that become templates, plus landing pages with forms, clear CTAs and data capture.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Our HubSpot reinforced design creates tactical CTAs that draws visitors to click. It’s backed by analytics showing who clicks where & measures performance. Better still, you’ll be able to optimise click-through rates over time.

SEO & Ads

Central to content strategy is our ability to deliver positioning on high-traffic keywords. A bespoke keyword strategy works in concert for SEO and PPC. We’ll optimise your blog posts, landing pages, and website. We also help you track ROI in both areas.

Content Marketing

Content is king, so be relevant with carefully crafted, well-designed emails, engaging social media and search-enabled blogs. Generate leads through content that’s personalised, targeted, tested, formatted and optimised.

Lead Generation

Cultivate leads by monitoring vital information and relevant interactions. We’ll help you use this data to create informed, targeted campaigns that close deals and ensure brand trust.

Inbound Analytics

With measurable analysis, our inbound marketing analytics delivers insight into your marketing funnel. Kick off campaigns primed to reach target audiences, or even discard underperforming marketing assets.


Enable your current and incoming leads to help you match the preferred path to purchase. We tailor each lead’s behaviour with marketing automation for emails, content & special offers that help you close more deals.


We use a tried and true, all-in-one inbound marketing platform for business solutions and integration. With HubSpot, you’ll get everything you need to increase traffic, convert leads, and show true ROI.

On Board with Inbound Today!

Want to find out why inbound marketing is right for your firm? Set up a call with our experts, and see how Luminate will transform your lead generation strategy.