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What is the average lifetime value of a customer to you?

Think about how long you keep a customer for and how much they spend with you over that time. Putting a realistic value on your customers is the first step to understanding how to grow your business and where to invest.

0 - £49999 £50000 - £99999 £100000+

On average, how much profit does your business generate every year?

Don’t worry the answers you give us are completely confidential. We just want to get an idea of the size of your business so that we can determine the right marketing solutions for you.

Approximately, what is your monthly marketing budget?

This helps us to understand the importance you’re currently placing on your marketing and what returns you might be getting from your investment.

How many unique website visits do you generate per month?

Website visitors are essential to generating website leads and revenue. You website visitor number range will help us calculate your marketing grade and the types of services you may or may not need.

How many leads do you generate through your website each month?

This is where we get an idea of what you are currently getting from the amount you spend each month. It can be hard for you to determine the ROI of your marketing yourself, so let us do that for you.


How many customers do you generate every month?

In order to determine the success of your marketing, we need to take a closer look at how your website visits convert into leads and how those leads are closed into becoming customers.

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