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The Authoritative Inbound Marketing Statistics Report for Professional Services

Did You Know?

66% of companies say growing their SEO and organic presence is a top priority for their business as part of their ongoing inbound marketing campaigns
81% of businesses using inbound marketing say their marketing strategy was more effective, compared to just 18% who still use outbound marketing and sales
70% of sales reps’ top priority for 2017 is to employ inbound strategies that sell better and faster, close more deals online and convert more leads to clients

See What Inbound 2016 is All About

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Luminate Digital shares the Inbound Marketing Statistics 2016 report An introduction to the Inbound Marketing Statistics 2016 report 73% of surveyed respondents said that inbound marketing was their primary approach in the Inbound Marketing Statistics 2016 report DOWNLOAD INBOUND MARKETING STATISTICS 2016

Inbound Marketing is an Ever-Changing Game

What's so good about a report and a bunch of numbers anyway? Well, our inbound marketing statistics reports are designed to give you, the professional services marketer, a revealing insight into the world of inbound makreting and how it contrasts with dated outbound methods.

The benefits of these reports are endless and provide you with a fountain of knowledge that you can apply for your company. Consider the following:

What is my firm's top marketing challenging this year?

Do we need to change our sales strategies?

What's everyone else saying about inbound marketing?

As ever, we don't just look at current marketing and sales trends. Inbound Marketing Statistics 2016' even gazes into the future and reveals what's coming next for professional services.

So go on: take a peek inside today's inbound marketing trends and discover how you can turn your firm into an online lead generation machine.


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