When people need legal help, it’s unanimous: the first move (96%) is always an online search. Your law firm needs to ensure it can be found by potential clients


With legal websites, true lead generation is a product of continuous improvement. Our growth-driven design process is the antidote for lethargic sites that go nowhere.


With our team, you’re in the hands of certified marketers dedicated to the legal sector. Online lead generation and business growth is just a click away with Luminate Digital.

The problem for law firms isn’t the lack of clients searching for your expertise online. It’s how law firms fail to attract those clients with relevant content and ensure those visitors convert into leads.

It’s how law firms attract visitors to their online platforms; convert them into leads; close them as customers and delight them with their performance and capabilities for retainment.

You have the legal expertise.
Luminate Digital makes sure it is found.


Many companies offer marketing services. But our digital growth approach for professional services companies means that when you choose us, you choose an expert in legal marketing services.

That's what a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency can do for a law firm. HubSpot is the world’s leading marketing automation platform, powering business growth in 65 countries worldwide.

"64% of marketing automation users realise benefits in the first six months."

From our eBook, "Future-Proof Your Marketing: Keep Ahead of the Curve.


  • Improve Your SEO

    With our commitment to rankings based on topical content, our certified marketers create a data backed content plan that ensures your SEO law firm rankings grow.

  • Convert More Visitors

    Trust Luminate Digital’s certified growth-driven design team, because legal web design projects don’t finish: they evolve for the needs of your target audience.

  • Engage Your Audience

    Legal firm social media has to reach potential clients. Turn to us for reliable focus of your social media platforms on campaigns that drive leads & engagement.

  • Close More Leads

    Over 35% of law firms lack a CTA on their homepage. These little things that make legal firms soar - Offers, Emails, Automation - are areas we love to optimise.

Improve Your SEO

Luminate Digital look under every rock to audit your website; we lay out quick win ideas that are relevant, timely and optimised to boost rankings and profile. Our approach covers everything from Keyword Research to Topic Clusters. It gives you a template to address crucial website needs that match your goals.

When you address the small details in SEO, the long term goals come next. By acting on audit findings, we can create fresh content ideas based on your client and what they’re looking for. The mechanics and possibilities of SEO are vital – it’s the engine room where all SEO effort turns into new visitors.

Today, potential clients are searching online en masse for legal assistance. With goal-driven content backed by user-focused SEO principles, your firm becomes the answer they’ve been looking for - the expert in a position to deliver. Be there for your leads online, and cultivate a new stream of customers.

96% of people seek law firms through a search engine at some point in choosing legal advice

96% of people look for law firms through a search engine.

Convert More Visitors

With a combination of goal setting, persona building, educated assumptions and user research, Luminate can help create a sound strategy for your growth-driven website. You’ll be able to determine who will be visiting your website and for what purpose before you’ve even started building your site.

We’ll design and develop a quick and effective Launch Pad Website in less than 45 days using only high-value, high-quality pages that gain traction for your law firm. This website will immediately begin to capture real user data and pave the way to formulating fresh, value-driven ideas to grow your website.

Our Continuous Improvement Cycle plan will show you how to take behavioural data from your law firm’s website, analyse it and use it to further enhance and develop your website on a continual basis. Your website will continue to improve month-on-month, year-on-year through a series of constant feedback loops.

70% of law firms generate new cases through their website.

70% of law firms generate new cases through their website.

Engage Your Audience

For faster, inexpensive ways to reach potential legal clients, Luminate think social media for law firms is a must. We’ll create engaging social content for your business as much or as little as you want and help you develop conversations with the right people, on the right platform, at the right time.

Our marketing team believe social media outreach needs to align with digital campaigns - we’re glad to say we can help with both. With know-how and HubSpot tools, you’ll benefit from a great formula through online strategy and social media that strengthens traffic, conversions and revenue from your website.

Nothing gets past us. The team at Luminate Digital looks over every piece of social media engagement with a magnifying glass and initiates real conversations with real customers. Same with social media analytics - learn how we can improve your profile through reports and data that measure customer behaviour.

66% of businesses see lead generation benefits through social media.

66% of businesses see lead generation benefits through social media.

Close More Leads

Your law firm is filled to the brim with industry knowledge - so what’s the best way to share it? Our talented team of content marketers and designers create brilliant, captivating content like eBooks, presentations, infographics and thought leadership that stimulates customers to keep coming back for more.

Writing captivating content is just the start. With HubSpot’s marketing automation tools, we’ll give your offers a creative campaign it deserves. We generate workflows for you, helping you nurture leads and automate day-to-day tasks for sales and marketing. It all helps you save time and scale your growth.

With call-to-action buttons and images, customers won’t want to pass up your content. We’ll ensure prospects go to the right places with compelling copy and design that’s clear and easy to follow. Tailored for the stage your leads sit in, calls-to-action give your content a goal and support lead generation.

Two in three companies see at least a 10% increase in sales through lead nurturing.

67% of businesses see at least a 10% increase in sales through lead nurturing.


Do you know the best practices of landing page design? How a call-to-action works best? Is your firm getting the most out of LinkedIn?

Download free resources from the Luminate Inbound Marketing Library to understand how our HubSpot best practice helps you achieve more.




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