A Brand’s Time to Shine



A Brand’s Time to Shine

Redesign the Luminate brand to stand out against competitors and compete with leading agencies in the marketing industry. Impress a new audience and discover new directions for the company to grow, digitally.

Brand Identity, Logo, Digital

Luminate Digital is an award-winning Digital Growth Agency and Gold HubSpot Partner. Luminate felt that their previous website lacked a distinguishable digital presence compared to their competitors, thus seeking an immediate rebrand. With intent to position themselves as a leading digital marketing agency and impress new audiences, a full business rebrand was commissioned in September 2018.

To compete in a crowded marketplace, Luminate knew we had to create a unique brand identity that experimented with storytelling, layout, and it was conceptualised. From typography to colours, the rebranding exercise went from multiple concepts to final delivery of all assets through a series of collaborative workshops, presentations and focus groups.

Luminate’s new rebrand strongly reinforces their core brand value -’ innovative, focused and reliable. This ethos was further incorporated into the visual identity which was followed by the creation of a bespoke logo, demonstrating how Luminate shines a light on brands through inbound marketing. The rebrand outlined new design assets that were unique and nothing audiences had seen before.


Sector: Marketing

Brand: Luminate Digital

Project Time Frame: 3 Months

Services: Branding, Design, Development, Content, Social

Platform: HubSpot Professional


Let's Talk Results

(they’re still coming in….)


Decreased Bounce Rate


Immediate Increase in Average Weekly Visitors


Average Session Duration Increase


“Following the success of a new website rebrand, Luminate Digital is now looking to position itself as a leading national Digital Growth Agency. With the rebrand reinforcing our core brand values, our objectives are to impress and discover new audiences in the professional sectors that require the services of Luminate to help grow their business and revenue. Furthermore, our rebrand will increase brand awareness and support our organic business growth.”

Lee - Luminate Digital CEO

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Project Conclusion

How We Helped
Luminate Digital new website, assets, and rebrand has helped to underpin our growth goals for 2019. Particularly, the new brand design has created a memorable company identity and showcases the innovative designs and features we can produce for our future clients.

Next Steps
Constantly evolving, Luminate Digital aims to continuously optimise its website for improved user experience. With the new addition of Luminate’s Store, the brand will look to offer the most valuable and helpful content that’s always readily available on-the-go and downloadable for both website visitors and existing clients.

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