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Okay, that’s exactly what we are. But there is more.

We handle; SEO, Social Media and PPC too.

How are we so good at what we do?

Our Team are Certified

Backed by a global, all-in-one marketing platform like HubSpot, our web designers passed the HubSpot training classes with flying colours.

So they’ve proven themselves more than capable to build you a winning website and to best practice standards. From scratch, to brief and on time - our marketers regularly surpass client expectations simply because we are so knowledgeable.

Our designers are savvy with the latest technologies, and are well-versed in methods they’ve been applying for years. Your website is in safe hands with our designers - they’re good eggs.

Our Team are Passionate

There’s nothing we’re averse to more than a cliche, and we’ve seen the word ‘passionate’ bandied around websites to no end. It’s tired from overuse and needs a good rest.

So we’ll go with energetic instead!

Yes, our web designers really are a passionate bunch, and their work expresses this in every sense of the word.

They live and breath websites, and work brilliantly together to create unique, sophisticated, growth-focused websites that generate leads for your firm.

Our Team are Talkers

Communication is a priority at Luminate Digital. From how the agency is run to the way we speak with clients, we’ve found the best work is borne from transparent business ethics.

With this in mind, our website design processes are defined by 4 D’s: debate, discussion, dialogue, and discourse. We like to ensure we’re all on the same page so that you can realise your business’ vision online.

We talk to you, we talk to each other and we talk to ourselves; all with the aim of boosting your website’s visibility and providing a fantastic user experience.

Here’s a sneak peek at our eBook

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Discover what makes a great homepage, courtesy of web design specialists Luminate Digital. Let Luminate Digital help define your goals and strategies. With customer-focused design, there are no limits to what you can do. Call Luminate Digital - we're an expert website design agency in Manchester.


Mobile Responsive

With the world at your users’ fingertips, why disappoint them?

We strive to create websites that are utterly seamless and optimised for the mobile experience.

Your firm can’t afford to underestimate mobile, and many have been left behind as a result.

On Brand

Your website is your storefront. It has to represent your firm and service offering?

That’s what we do. We synchronise the things you, and your firm hold close to your heart and ensure website wears them on its sleeve.

A website isn’t just an online extension of your firm, it’s the best salesman you’ve got.


We work alongside our SEO team to ensure the website we create for you can be easily found and accessed by users.

You wouldn’t want our web design wizardry to go amiss, would you?

That’s why we ensure you’re visible - so we can generate you healthy, long-term leads.


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    Don’t worry: it’s our policy to keep your information confidential. For a valuable resource like this, we’re only asking so that we can (a) improve your browsing experience by tailoring the Luminate Digital site to your needs; (b) share useful content and know-how with you that we think may be of interest to you by email or other means; (c) pass along suitable marketing communications that we think may be of value to you.

  • Where can I get more content like this?

    Our Resources Page has plenty of Luminate Digital expertise for you to take a look at. We focus on multiple areas, from web design and social media to working templates you can introduce to your firm moving forward. Thanks for your interest in our content, we’re glad we can enlighten you with Luminate Digital’s research! Go take a look at our contact page and let us know what other marketing topics you’d like to hear about.


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