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What’s a key component to successful marketing strategies? Brilliant email marketing campaigns. With our ebook your swipes will be opens, deletes will be click throughs, and opens turned into conversions.


Why candidates aren't opening your emails - and what you can do to prevent that.

Why Candidates Aren’t Opening Your Emails’ gives recruitment companies insights into best practice tips, hints, and plenty of advice for getting candidates to open your emails.

Plus receive a bonus 5 FREE EASY TO USE EMAIL TEMPLATES.

Discover Opportunities Your Never Considered

Get the lowdown on how recruiters can further captivate

job seekers with brilliant email marketing campaigns.



Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns Start Right Now

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Captivating Subject Lines

Luminate help you write subject lines that ensure success and that your candidates open all communication. Subject lines should be your first port of call, as without a captivating subject line the rest of your email marketing is flawed.

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Language of Persuasion

Your emails need to use language that rouses action from your candidates. It needs to be urgent, and appeal to both the candidate and the quality of the role you’re offering.

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Numbers to Help Conversion

It’s been proven that numbers boost CTR and help conversion rates too. It’s the appeal of statistics, and data - they speak of authority to your clients and do a great job in terms of persuasion.



"We chose Luminate because they really understand inbound marketing. They took our brief and created a powerful and aligned website - really fast!

It's already paying for itself by driving more qualified leads and generating new clients for us. I can highly recommend them."

Magomed Galaev CEO at KREO.NET


"We chose to partner with Luminate Digital for our global product launch. We were impressed by how quickly they understood our cutting edge, high-tech product and translated this into website and inbound marketing strategies.

Their professional, friendly team and efficient business inspire confidence."

Matt Byrom CEO at PUBLI.SH


"Luminate are a team of Inbound Marketing professionals. They offer a fantastic HubSpot managed inbound marketing service.

The whole team are driven to achieve client requirements. I'd highly recommend them to companies looking to grow their business."

Stephen Higgins at HUBSPOT


"Luminate Digital really understand the way Inbound Marketing works in its full entirety. They offer innovative online marketing solutions for the professional services market, which deliver first-class results for their clients.

I highly recommend them to help your business grow and unlock your company's full potential."


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